Highly hyped teams will often have shorter odds mainly due to the fact so many people are betting on them, but if you are a veteran gambler, you will know that the odds a bookie gives and the hype surrounding a team is not a key indicator of success. Here are five questions you should ask yourself prior to placing mobile betting soccer bets on hyped teams (especially if you are planning to stake a lot of money).

Spend Some Time Watching Their Older Matches

You can often pull up older soccer games on the Internet. It is worth having a watch to see how well they do. Is the hype justified based on their in-game play? When you watch their matches, are you seeing things that justify the hype the team are receiving? Remember that some teams are great at marketing, and though it is true that a teams optimistic outlook may create a self-fulfilling prophecy, is that really enough to risk your money?

Question 1 - What Teams Has The Hyped Team Played?

Watching their old games is a good place to start. Look at their track record and the teams they have played. It is not just about the teams they have played with regards to the quality of the teams. The hyped team may have had a lot of wins recently because they have been playing poor quality team, and this may lead to a lot of unjustified hype. However, that is not all you are looking for.

Consider the teams and how they play. Has the hyped team get a great pair of strikers? And if so, have they been playing teams with poor defence? On the other hand, has the team been playing a very defensive game where the opposing teams were not strong enough to break through? Ask yourself these questions, because for example, if your team has a strong defence and has been playing teams with poor offence, then they may be heading for a loss when they play a team with a good attack.

Where the other teams having bad runs themselves? Did they have injuries? Where they playing away games? Did they have little incentive to win? And did the hyped team get lucky? Remember that some teams do have streaks of good luck, so you have to ask yourself if their luck is going to hold up this time.

Question 2 - Is The Team Being Carried By A Certain Player?

Sometimes teams are over hyped because they have won a lot of games, but you have to ask if that team is being carried by one or two players. Usually, it is a champion striker that helps turn the tide. The team may play terribly, but a good and opportunistic striker may be able to turn things around and keep them on top.

There are times when one or two good midfielders are able to give the team a massive advantage. There are other times when an extraordinary goalkeeper is able to cover for the mistakes of the team. Consider if the hyped team is being carried by a star player or two, and then ask yourself what would happen if that player was injured or if that player had a rough game.

Question 3 - Is The Team Being Carried By A Fantastic Manager?

It happens sometimes. There are times when a manager makes decisions during the game that are able to turn the tide. There are times when a manager alone can make decisions that turn a rowdy bunch of players into a well-oiled machine. If you watch some older games, you can see (in hindsight) that the manager made perfect decisions that may be mistaken for premonitions. It may be anything from pulling a star player off the team when the team are winning, to switching to an offensive game after half time.

If you do your research and see that the manager keeps making great decisions, then you may more confidently place your bet. The team may be hyped for incorrect and/or unfair reasons, but the manager may help justify the hype when making decisions during the game.

This works both ways. Think about researching the managerial decisions made by the opposing team’s manager. He or she (usually he) may also have a gift for turning hopeless situations on their head, and that fact alone may ensure the opposing team wins over the hyped team.

Question 4 - Consider The Hard-To-Judge Factors

These may include the weather, the stadium, the location, and the morale of the team. Many people assume that the under-hyped team will have lower morale when playing a highly hyped team, but such effects are often short lived.

When you are watching the game on your mobile phone, watch for signs that the hyped team is losing morale. They may have entered the pitch with their heads held high, but it only takes a few dangerous shots from the opposing team to quash their morale and enthusiasm. The hyped team may have been expecting an easier game than the one they are getting. If you see the opposing team continue to apply pressure, you could do worse than place an in-play bet on the opposing team.

Question 5 - Is The Opposing Team Overdue A Dramatic Win?

If you watch a lot of team sports, be it basketball, hockey, rugby, football, or whatever, you will notice that some teams seem to pull off dramatic comebacks when nobody expects them.

A team can start with pre-season games and start their season with a terrible run, and then out of nowhere they suddenly start winning relentlessly. Do not underestimate the potential of the opposing team because of their track record. In addition, do not underestimate them because the hyped team is drawing all the attention. As a long-time soccer watcher, you should know that some teams can suddenly become fantastic overnight. It even happens in games sometimes. There are times when a team is a mess on the pitch, and then suddenly pulls it together for no reason.

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