Betting on the favourites features rather strongly in many online betting strategies because it is the easy answer to finding a lot of winners, and people think lots of winners means more success. However, the favourites have the worst odds, which mean you have to gamble more in order to win a decent amount. The only way around this is to use accumulator bets, but then when one of the favourites doesn’t win you end up walking away with nothing.

That is the problem, and here is the solution: You place accumulator bets on the favourites with multiple treble or fourfold bets whilst working to improve your probability of winning.

Place Accumulator Bets

This is the only way you may bet on favourites and still come away with a reasonable amount of winnings.

Multiple bets

If you have eight horses on your betting slip, then do not place an eightfold accumulator bet, place a threefold accumulator bet on the system. This will mean you have to place multiple single-stake bets (56 bets if you place treble bets on eight horses in different races).

Three-fold or fourfold bets

The reason for this is that if you place doubles your winnings are too low, and if you place five-folds or higher, then you lower your chances of winning something (anything) back.

Improve the probability of you winning

We all know that the favourites do not win every time, so to simply claim you should bet on the favourite is silly. If you do so, then you are unlikely to win a decent amount. Ideally, even though you are placing threefold and/or fourfold bets, you still want all eight (or more) horses to win so that your returns are far higher.

How to improve the chances of you winning

These are not tips that will guarantee the horse you pick wins, they are simply things you should consider.

How badly was the horse handicapped?

If it has won its last race, its last few races, or excelled in its last race, then how much weight has been added? A bump up with too much weight will often affect the performance of even the best horses.

Is it the same jockey that won the other races?

There are some good horses being ridden by unsuitable (not bad) jockeys that seem unable to get the best out of the horse. If the horse is a frequent winner, has it been winning with the rider that is racing today? If not, then consider giving the race a miss or simply watching so that you know how to bet next time.

Does the horse like firm and/or soft ground?

The trainers take this matter very seriously and will often pull a horse from a race if the ground is not right. You should do your research on this one.

Did the horse fluke (get lucky) on its last win?

There are many gambling and racing websites that allow you to see replays of a horse’s previous races. Watching the races can be invaluable, especially for noticing a horse’s quirks such as jumping out of the stalls late.

What stall has the horse drawn on?

Sometimes this is an issue. The horses that have drawn the lowest numbers tend to have an advantage, but that advantage is lessened if the horses are running on hard/firm ground.

How many other horses are racing today?

This is something you should consider, but you need to temper your considerations. It is unfair to say that a favourite is more likely to lose with a bigger field of competitors because there are simply too many factors at work. However, with very large races full of top horses, you may want to avoid betting on the favourite.

What does the competition look like?

This is one of the most important factors. It isn’t necessarily a bad thing if a good favourite is racing against some stiff competition because it sometimes encourages a swifter pace, which is what many favourites prefer. However, top class competitors in the same race as your favourite, with similar odds to your favourite, may be an indication you shouldn’t bet on the favourite in that race.

Does the stable use the jockey often?

You stand more chance of winning if a champion jockey is riding the horse, nobody needs to be told that, but there are times when the champions fail. Usually it is when they are riding for stable/trainer they don’t usually ride for. They haven’t built a bond with the horse, haven’t learnt its quirks, and haven’t had enough experience with the animals they train/own in order to work to their best. However, with that point made, one feels it is only fair to point out that some jockeys take to horses very quickly. Some champion jockeys are able to walk into a new stable and befriend the horses in there within a matter of weeks.

When was the last time the horse raced?

When betting on the favourites, this factor is one of the most tricky. If a horse is coming back from an injury, then many bookies will not mark it as the favourite, so it is automatically outside of your betting system. However, when really great horses come back after a while, the results are sometimes too varied for you to consider including it in your wager. Use your discretion and gambling experience to figure out if you should place the horse in your bet if it hasn’t raced in a while.

The Final Tip For Your Favourite Horse Betting Systems

The best advice is to start small. Pick around eight horses and have them selected on your gambling slip online. Click to open up the multiple bets choices and pick trebles. Put in a stake of just ten eurocents on a treble, and it should cost you five Euros and sixty eurocents because it is 56 bets.

Start small and keep giving it a try whilst you hone and improve your selection techniques. Follow the tips on this article, but make your own tips and guidelines too. Once you have improved your selection process enough to ensure you usually have more than three winners, then start gambling with fourfold bets, or more horse selections, or bigger wagers.

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