Betting on the tennis can be rather frustrating, especially if you know who is going to win and you are getting odds as low as 1.02 for the winner. The trouble is that you are not the only one that is sure who is going to win, the bookies are pretty sure too. Your first consideration may be a few lay bets to help drum up a little more profit, but even a mix of win and lay bets can produce less than exciting results.

Longer And Shorter Matches

The longer matches are more likely to pan out as the bookies expect. The shorter matches often lead to more shocking results. You need to build your own database of statistics so you can guess which matches are the most likely to produce shock results so that you may enjoy longer and more profitable odds.

Betting Apps Are Perfect For Streaming And Gambling

It’s a great time to be alive if you are a punter wishing to bet on horses, soccer, snooker and tennis because there are many apps and websites that offer up-to-the-second live streaming. There is no waiting around to watch pre-recorded matches if you do not want to, and there is almost no lag, which is not the case for many other sports.

With many other sports there is often a lag so that the bookie has the advantage. It still happens from time to time with horse racing where you see the odds change suddenly for a horse, and then seconds later you watch it fall. It is because there is a lag, but these days there is little lag with horses, soccer, snooker and tennis. This means you can use betting apps to stream games and make live bets at the same time without being at any more of a disadvantage against the bookie.

Think Of The Odds Before You Bet On The Tennis

Tennis is one of the few sports bets where you should consider the odds before you make the bet. You need to know if the bet you "may" place has value. If you are gambling on soccer, then there are times when even short odds are worth risking a lot of money, but the same cannot (shouldn’t) be said for betting on the tennis.

Tennis is renowned for having short odds because there is little incentive for bookies to give you longer odds. It is a one-on-one contest with fewer variables than a game such as snooker, boxing, darts or chess. The bookies will offer you a price, but many times it is so low that even if you really fancy a player, there is little point in risking the money (even if the risk is tiny).

What Are The Players Playing On?

The surface on which the players play seems to make a massive difference in their performance. Even if you are only collecting a few figures to help you decide and you are not creating a sophisticated statistical model, you need to look up how well each player does on each type of court surface. It seems to have a genuinely serious effect on player performance.

Use Your Statistics To Judge Motivations

The tennis players of our era seem to be pushed more by money than by the thrill of winning. That may be why some of the world’s better players only seem to suffer numerous losses when they are playing smaller tournaments and are about to play in bigger tournaments soon. It seems that the players lose focus on the smaller tournaments, even if they are winning, and concentrate more on the bigger tournaments.

It is in your interest to take note of when a player wins and loses to see if you can spot patterns such as a player losing a smaller tournament so that he or she may concentrate on a larger tournament.

You Cannot Use Statistics To Carry You The Entire Way

Tennis is as sport where you can rely on statistics to help you figure out who will win, but not as a way of picking good bets. Motivation may be a good factor to concentrate on. Some players play very well after undergoing emotional highs or lows, and some players are unseated by emotions. Some players seem to have a knack for winning against certain players or getting other players all riled up.

Consider how fit the player is and if he or she has had any injuries recently. What type of injury is it and where? Do players have a habit of making dramatic comebacks after such an injury? Is your player prone to such an injury? Will the player be putting him or herself at risk by playing too soon?

What Are The Playing Conditions Like?

You can alter your bets to compensate for the pre-match conditions, but whilst in play, you can use online betting and streaming apps to make your bets to account for changing conditions. You can make changes to your bets and the amounts you stake as the game is in play, and if your betting app has a withdrawal or cash-out function, then you may be able to take advantage to your benefit whilst a game is in play.

As well as the playing conditions, the surface and the weather, it is useful looking up the head-to-head stats in different conditions. A player playing against another on clay may have a history or losing whereas on grass and in the cold such a player may win. Many of the players also know the weaknesses of their competitors and know how to exploit them, which further amplifies the negative effect of the conditions for certain players.

Think in terms of how players play the game and how the weather may affect them. For example, in windy conditions, do you think high ball tossers are at an advantage or disadvantage? Some attackers are also at a big disadvantage when it is windy compared to when they play indoors. There are some players that excel in what appear to be less-than-perfect conditions.

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