The truth is that some of it is done manually, and some of it is done automatically. In most cases, the "suspended" function on the website is human controlled. Does this mean that they have a person watching every single live game? Yes it does, but it is not as difficult as it sounds.

Understanding How The Gambling Websites Function

When betting is suspended, it means you cannot place a bet on the game. This often happens when there is a genuine injury, when the whistle goes for half time, and when there is a goal. Betting is often suspended so that the gambling website may change its odds without people taking advantage of them. In some sports, the betting is suspended automatically, such as when the horses reach the fourth quarter of the racetrack, but in soccer, it is usually suspended by human hands.

Can I Exploit The Betting Suspended Function?

There a chance that you will be able to place a bet and win big before the betting is suspended. If the suspension of betting is handled by a human, then there is a chance you will be able to exploit this--the problem is that you have to be lucky and quick. The easiest ones to exploit are the live games that are played in small and foreign stadiums that are sometimes nothing more than caged areas.

There are a few veteran online gamblers that claim they have seen a goal be scored and they made a bet before the odds changed. Tt is not viciously uncommon--it is just rare. The truth is that many times there is a lag or delay with some soccer games that you see online. This means if you are watching online, you may be watching what is happening 5 seconds later. The extent to which this sort of thing even happens depends on if you are watching via an online channel, a satellite channel or a cable channel.

The Online Bookies And Gambling Websites Insert A Lag

Have you ever seen the odds for a soccer game change dramatically for no reason? You are watching the live game on the gambling site and the odds change without any form of prompting and you wonder why, and then five seconds later you see that their star player is injured. It is not because the gambling site had a premonition; it is because you are watching their streamed version with a lag whilst their staff are watching live feeds.

Betting Affects The Fixed Odds More Than The Live Betting Odds

This is a true fact. On the day of the game, the fixed odds will change because of how the punters are betting and less because the online bookies believe that one team is going to win over the other. When the game is in play, the actions and/or bets of the general public has less effect on the odds. It is still a factor, but not a heavy one.

Are The Bookies Just Guessing?

No they are not, they are constantly applying what they know about the players, the conditions, the teams and the varying in-game scenarios. For example, if there is a team that has never won a game whilst they were down more than 2 goals in the second half, then the gambling website will lengthen the odds against them significantly if the team are down by two goals in the second half.

Think In Terms Of Marketing And Risk

Let’s say we apply the previous example. There is a team that has never won a match when they have been down by two goals in the second half. In the eyes of the bookie, they know which team is most likely going to win. Now their job is to entice punters into giving their money away on a bet the punters cannot win. They do this by lengthening the odds so that punters figure the reward is worth the risk.

What Factors Have An Immediate Effect?

When a goal is scored, the betting will be suspended and it will return after the odds have been adjusted. A few minutes after a goal, you may see the odds shift again; this is because it is common to see goals in short bursts. The team that scored may quickly nip another in, and the team that is down a goal may score. Statistically, you often seen goals happen fairly close together and the odds may accommodate that.

Injuries sometimes have an effect, but it is very hit and miss. There are times when star players are taken off the field and it shifts the odds. There are other times when it appears to have no effect at all. The same is true of a red card.

If a team is winning and one of their players gets a red card, then you probably won’t see a big change in the odds, but when a team is losing you tend to see their odds lengthen quite a bit more.

The next biggest affecter is the time left in the match. When a match is about to reach the time limit within the bet, such as half or full time, then the odds will shift dramatically. For example, if a team is 2-0 up and there are only a few minutes left in the game, then you can expect to see very short odds.

How Can You Benefit From These Shifts And Changes?

They are set up to help the bookies keep or make more money, so there is no real way you can benefit from them unless you are a contrarian gambler. This would mean placing bets at the moment the odds lengthen.

For example, you may be aware that the counter-attack after a goal is scored is often rather dangerous. If you are a contrarian gambler, you may place your bet against the team that has just scored with the hope the other team has a successful counterattack within the next few minutes.

You may also like to place bets during the last five minutes of a game and back the current loser. Even betting on a draw may earn you a juicy sum if the losing team scores an equaliser in the last five minutes of the match.

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