The betting apps discussed in this article are apps that allow a person to gamble on a mobile device. These types of apps require an Internet connection, they require that you sign up for an online gambling account, and they allow you to place bets via the app. Here are a few tips and tricks for getting better odds so that you may bet less and/or lower your risk.

Work Out How Much You Are Going To Gain

You can work out your risk vs. reward in the moment if you are using apps in real time. Lowering your betting risk is partially about how much you have to gain as well as how much you have to lose, and if the amount you have to gain is very small, then the bet may not be worth it. On the flip side, it is just as possible that your betting app will show you a very high return on your money, which may imply there is a bigger risk than you first thought.

The Betting App Glitch You Can Exploit

There are times when systems do not update correctly and in real time. For example, there are times when gambling apps may show odds that are not ideally suited for the gambling company. Such occurrences happen fairly frequently, but they are so brief that you have to be at the right place at the right time in order to catch them on a desktop computer, but that is not the case with mobile apps. With a mobile app, you are able to catch these glitches more often because you have more opportunities to use the app during the day than you have to use the bookie/gambling website at night on your desktop computer.

A Crude Example Of The Gambling App Glitch

There are numerous places where the glitch exists, and one of them is with soccer matches. For example, a soccer match may be 88 minutes into play and there have been no goals during the second half, but then suddenly there is a goal. The opportunity to bet has been suspended, and when it returns you see that the odds have changed. However, if you dig deeper, you may see that their goal-line odds are the same as what they were before the goal was scored. You may be able to snatch a quick bet before the odds update.

There are so many examples of this glitch that a book could be written on the subject, and they happen so often because there is a small space of time that occurs between the bookie/gambling company sending instructions to the server to update the app/website. This is especially true when there is a human element to the odds updates.

Another Crude Example Of The Gambling App Glitch

There are a few apps that allow you to draw out your bets at will. They are often called a “Cash Out.” They allow you to pull money out of your bet, which is handy if you are winning. For example, you may have bet on a horse race and the horse you bet on has sat in second or third position during the first half of the race. The betting/gambling website may offer a cash out higher than the stake you put in because the horse looks like it is going to win. There are many times when these “Cash out” options still exist even after your horse has lost. For example, the app may show you a cash out option and then suddenly your horse falls. Even though your horse has fell and is out of the game, there are often a few seconds where you can still cash out your stake before the option is withdrawn.

On that note, no gambling/betting sites allow cash outs all the way to the end of the race. Usually they withdraw the ability to cash out around two thirds of the way through the race. This stops the glitch occurring at the end of a race where people may cash out on horses that lost. There are people who claim they have cashed out bets after the winner has passed the post, but such an occurrence is rare.

Cash Out Your Bets At The Right Time

Apps are great when it comes to the “Cash out” function because you can manipulate your bets to win twice. The process is not complicated, but it does take expert timing. The reason an app works so well is because you can analyse the matches so that you can cash out at the right time.

For example, you can bet on a rugby match and bet on both teams to win. You may then watch the rugby match and withdraw when one team is winning, and then withdraw the other bet when the other team is winning. Obviously, it means that both teams need to be winning at some point during a game, but this sort of thing happens all the time, meaning the chance to win twice is often present.

Place Bets Cleverly In Real Time

During matches and even during races, you are going to see the odds change quite frequently on your app. They change according to what is happening during the game. Instead of betting before you play, you should bet in-play, and you should use your app to do it. Let’s say the team that is the favourite has just conceded a goal or point(s). In many ball games there is often a short period after the goal or point(s) where there is a big threat from the other team for a counter attack. After that brief period, you will see the odds for the favourite team (that is now losing) jump a little longer. You can use your app to spend a small amount on a bet for the favourite team, and then wait for them to win, which they probably still will. The money you get from that bet will be far more than if you had bet on the favourite team whilst they were drawing or if you bet before the game began.

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