Sports betting on fixed-odds soccer matches means you simply place your bets before the games begin. Online bookies often allow you to do this days in advance, so you have plenty of time to plan your bets. The fixed odds tend to stay fairly constant, with only a little movement one way or another due to team news and how the punters are betting.

Check Different Websites For The Best Price

This is probably one of the most overlooked pieces of advice you will find because it seems like a hassle for very little reward, but when you are fixed-bet gambling on soccer matches, you have all the time in the world to research different odds with different bookies. If you are genuinely looking to make money with gambling, then you need to make as much money as possible with the stake that you place. Even if the difference is only a Euro or two, it all adds up in the end.

Your goal should be to find the best price for your bets, even if it means signing up for several different gambling websites and even if it means you have to trawl them one by one to get your odds. The fact is that if you are betting prior to the matches with their fixed odds, then you can find the best prices and exploit them.

Professional gamblers manage their money as if they were investing in stocks and shares, and they take the time to find the best possible odds. In this case, time is on your side, so use it. In addition, there is always the slim possibility that you will find a sure-bet, which is where you are able to bet on both teams and still make a profit because the odds from two different bookies are sufficiently different.

When Rivals Play Each Other The Home Advantage Melts Away

Do your homework and check for yourself, but there seems to be a trend within European games that melts away the home advantage when two rivals are playing. It is common to see the fans take exception to a certain team for whatever reason--usually because the promoters have engineered the rivalry. When two rivals play in the same match, the home-team advantage is not often a factor. The reason for this is unknown, but check for yourself.

Have Fun With The First Scorer Bet

The point of gambling is to either make money professionally or to have fun. The most fun bet is the first-scorer bet. If you are playing with money you do not need, then throw five euros on a player to score first. When you watch the game, you will find it a lot more exciting and tense.

Start Betting Mid Season After You Have Done Your Homework

If you start betting at the beginning of the season, you should place small and inconsequential bets. Near the beginning you are supposed to be doing your research, looking for trends, checking form, and learning from the teams that are playing. If you do your research, log your findings, analyse, evaluate and test them, then you are better able to place your sports betting stakes and win. Gamble with doing the homework, and you are relying on luck.

You Need To Identify This Season’s Trends

Too many gamblers go from soccer season to soccer season without changing their assumptions. Just because there was a trend last season doesn’t mean it is going to carry over into this season. Any advanced soccer punter will tell you that things change very quickly. The players that were stars last season may have become mediocre, and the teams full of ball hoggers may have become expert passers. Your job is to clear your bias from previous years and spot the current trends this season. This alone is another reason why you shouldn’t start placing your bets until the season has started and advanced a little.

Now Is Not The Time To Be Greedy

Greed and the pursuit of a bigger payday is one of the biggest reasons for soccer-betting failure. Luckily, when you are placing your bets on fixed-odds matches (sometimes days in advance), you may feel less inclined to chase a big win. Concentrate on getting a return on your money, even if it is a small one, rather than focusing on the money you will get.

Planning Your Bets

There are a few things you should consider, but if you really want to become a professional gambler, then you need to create your own betting system that includes what you should research, why, how often, and what it means. When placing bets on fixed-odds soccer matches prior to the games, you need to do your homework. At the very least, your research should include:

Team Form
Ideally, you should have watched them play so you have seen for yourself how well they are playing and if their previous losses/wins were due to luck. 

Home and Away Records
As usual, you can expect a home team advantage. Statistically, you are probably going to see a team winning more matches at home than away. Still, you need to confirm this yourself before you factor it into your betting system.

Many times when you watch a season you are not able to see the teams play each other more than once per tournament. In this case, you have to look over their records and history to see how many times they have played head-to-head and which team won the most. Factor this information into your betting system to help you decide which direction you should bet in.

Team news
Use your own intuition on this one. If you are watching the matches and suddenly read news that one player is injured, use your intuition to figure out if that player’s absence will significantly damage the team’s chances.

Are they playing their rivals? Are they at home being cheered on? Is there a trophy at the end of this match? How high are the rewards and how damaging are the results? You cannot know the team’s motivation for sure, but you can have a few educated guesses.

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