Some online gambling websites and betting apps have a withdraw function. It allows you to place a bet and then, under some circumstances, allows you to withdraw the money on your bet. If you withdraw before the game starts, then you are able to withdraw a fraction of your stake. If you withdraw in play, then the amount you may withdraw is varied. If you are winning, you are often able to withdraw your original stake and some of your winnings. If you are losing, then the amount you are able to withdraw is often seriously reduced.

There Are Sudden Shifts In The Odds You Can Exploit

The trick is to cash out moments before the odds change. Do not watch the match via the live stream that the online gambling website offers. They leave a lag in the game so they are around five seconds ahead of you. Instead, you need to figure out what live feed is the most up to date. For example, some say that the live football on Satellite TV is a few seconds behind cable TV. Some online viewers claim that one website is more up to date than another is. Your job is to find the most live and current feed with the shortest lag time.

You then watch the match with your finger on your phone. Either you withdraw at the right time to save yourself some money, or you place your bet at the right time when the odds haven’t shifted yet. The latter is a little easier. You set up your bet and enter your stake. You keep your finger over the confirm button, and seconds before the goal is scored you place your bet (or even a second or two afterwards if you are lucky). If you are in luck, the bet will place before the gambling website is able to change the odds to compensate for the goal.

If you have made a big bet and you are worried you will lose all your money, keep your finger over the withdraw button. The second you see the goal from the opposing team fly in, press the withdraw button. If you have a very current and live feed, there is a small-to-reasonable chance your bet with withdraw before the gambling website has the chance the suspend betting.

Use Accumulator Bets Because They Have Juicier Withdrawals

If you have ever dabbled with accumulators, you may have noticed how much you are able to withdraw if one of your outsiders wins early. For example, if you have a series of matches on the accumulator in the evening and one of your outsiders wins in the morning, then the amount you are able to withdraw before the other teams play is often significantly higher. If you are looking for a way to exploit the withdrawal system, then playing around with accumulators is one way to go. Here are a few accumulator tips if you wish to do a little trial and error testing and research into accumulators and withdrawals.

Earlier Matches Should Have Outsiders

For the reasons mentioned in the previous paragraph, it is a good idea to have your outsiders in the first matches that are played so that your withdrawal amount grows significantly as the other teams you bet on start to win. You can sometimes draw out your money early and come away with a profit earlier, or you can let the accumulator bet ride and try your luck.

Create A Favourites And Outsiders Bet

Populate one of your accumulators with outsiders, and populate one with favourites. Try the no-win-no-bet function so you do not lose out if there is a draw. The favourites are more likely to win, so even though you are not winning a fortune, at least you are making a profit. The outsiders are there so that if you are lucky, then it will pay you a lot of money. If your outsiders start winning earlier on, then withdraw the money for a profit and let the favourite accumulator ride to see if it also offers a return.

Bet Small Amounts

You can spend ten Euro pennies on a fivefold bet, and if luck is on your side, then they will start offering you tens of Euros when your teams start to win. The fact is that you can place lots of these cheap accumulators, and even though you are not likely to win them all, you are likely to get offers for withdrawal. Remember that if your first three teams win, you can withdraw so that it doesn’t matter if the other two teams do not win.

Set Up SMART Bets

Every bet you place should be Specific; Measurable; Achievable; Realistic; Timed. If you are setting up SMART bets, then you should see numerous opportunities to withdraw your bet for a profit.

Know When To Withdraw

As soon as the gambling website or betting apps starts to offer you more money than you staked, the temptation to withdraw starts to take hold. There are a few obvious times when you shouldn’t withdraw. If you are winning near the end of the match and you are two goals up, then do not withdraw. If the amount you would win is only a few pennies, then it is not worth withdrawing.

You should consider withdrawing if the end of the match is near and you are only winning by one goal. The bookies will tend to offer you a reasonable amount to withdraw at this point, and many times, it is worth the penalty of not winning your full amount. Near the end, they are going to offer you an amount close to your eventual winning, and if you are only one goal up, there is a slim chance the opposition will equalise before the end of the match. If the amount you will win is only a few Euros more than the withdrawal amount, then is it really worth the risk? Common sense suggests that you should withdraw the money, but it really depends on the circumstances of the game and how well your team are playing at that moment.

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