The first thing you need to do is understand and find out what a 147 bet is. If a snooker player plays a perfect game, then he gets a 147 score. It is the best score a player can get and it if viciously difficult. However, during most world tournaments, you are going to see around 6 to 14 top score games (also known as maximum breaks or simply as 147s). There are many snooker matches going on, but approximately 14 of them are going to feature a 147 score, and that is why you should strongly consider placing a 147 bet.

Placing A 147 Bet

Many online gambling websites will not allow you to place 147 bets in advance. Sometimes, on the day, you are able to place a 147 bet that covers the entire game being played by two players for the day. That is usually available before the match frames start. When the frames do begin, you are often allowed to place a 147 bet for the next frame whilst the current frame is in play.

Placing A 147 Bet For The Day’s Game

Two players will play a number of frames during a day. The game usually ends when one emerges the winner in a first-past-the-post manner. You can sometimes place a 147 bet for all the frames that those two players play together on that day. The odds are usually between 66-1 and 400-1. Those are long odds, and a 147 score is unlikely, but it is worth putting Euro on it when you consider the returns.

Placing A 147 Bet Frame-To-Frame

As you are watching the game, you can place your 147 for the next frame. There are very few gambling websites that allow you to place a bet for each frame individually in advance. Part of the reason may be because the bookies are not 100% sure how many frames will be played. There are times when a snooker player wipes out the other player quickly and the game ends early. Nevertheless, if you decide to place frame-to-frame bet, you can expect odds of between 700-1 and 1000-1. Those are very profitable odds and it may be worth having a gamble even with just 50 Euro pennies.

Why Is The Live In-Play 147 Bet So Exciting?

It is exciting at the beginning when you see the player hit in a red and land on the black. If the trend continues, then you will be on the edge of your seat hoping that the player gets back to the black without missing a beat. What’s more exciting is the fact that if the player does manage a 147 score, then you are going to get a lot of money in a relatively short space of time. It is very difficult to find odds of 700-1 and still have a chance of winning. If you bet on a horse, soccer team, or greyhound at 700-1 odds, you can be sure it will not win, but with a 147 bet there is a chance (albeit a slim one) that you will win.

Spice It Up With Lay Bets Against The Favourite

Watching snooker live can be boring if you have nothing at stake, so you need to spice it up, and the best way is with gambling. There is often a top favourite that you need to follow. This is usually a man that has won before and is still riding at the top of his career. There may be a number of fine players in the tournament, but this person is the one most people say is going to win. If you want to spice it up, then bet against him.

It is both exciting and scary watching a player you have bet on, especially when there is a tricky shot to be taken. You can spice it up by watching the favourite and hoping he will fail. Part of you wants the other player to succeed, but a bigger part of you wants the favourite to fail. You will find yourself full of emotion when he has to take a tricky safety shot and you know he could mess it up and throw the game.

Be Careful If You Are Betting According To Rank

A player’s world rank is almost meaningless. Snooker players are probably one of the most overworked groups of sports professionals in the world. They have to play tournaments back-to-back in many cases, and the best players are often more tired and burnt out because they are not knocked out of tournaments as early--so they are forced to play longer than lesser-able players.

If a top class player takes some time off, even for just a year, and only plays the big tournaments, then that player may see his rank drop from number one down to number 19 (which is the record for a still-active and still winning snooker professional). For these reasons, you cannot trust the rank of a player when making your bet.

In addition, you will often find that the top 30 players are not evenly matched, but it is sometimes difficult to figure out which player will beat which player. Some times one player will beat another easily, and other times he will struggle to beat the same player. Much of the game depends on the attitude of the players as to which of them wins when dealing with the top 30 players.

With regards to attitude, if you are watching the matches, you should place your bet after the first frame if you are betting on which player will win the match. After the first frame, there is always plenty of room for improvement, and there are lots of times when one player pulls ahead and then starts to feel the pressure and starts making silly mistakes. Nevertheless, you can often judge a player by his first round. If he is able to keep his nerve and resist the pressure and stress near the end of the match, then he will push through to win.

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