The first piece of advice is that you should stick with what you know. Some people think they can set up a betting strategy that applies to teams/clubs about which they know very little. They often set up betting strategies and gambling models so that they may apply it to other matches with the misguided notation that they may still generate a positive result. This is a foolish path to take. Stick with the league and teams with which you have done your studying, research and homework. The teams you studied in order to make your betting strategy should be the teams you apply your strategy to. There are no betting strategies that may be successfully applied to any and all soccer matches for a long-term profit.

Planning Your Bets In Advance Is Boring But Prudent

Placing bets whilst games are in-play is the most exciting form of soccer betting. It allows you to watch the game and pick up on key indicators that help you decide how the match with play out. Planning your bets in advance is boring, but if you want to increase your chances of winning, then it has to be done.

Do as much as you can in advance. Do not leave your research and your calculating until the day of the match. The biggest reason for this is the fact that you will rush if you leave it too late. In addition, you are more likely to be swayed by public opinion and news reports. It is harder to use cold and sterile logic when you are taking last-minute news and opinions into consideration. You have to apply your betting system with a rational and cold logic.

Plan Your Budget Well In Advance

Deciding how much you are going to spend in advance and then not deviating from that figure is the mark of a good gambler and that of a punter who manages the books well. Planning your budget will help remove some of the emotional factors from the process. It will make you less likely to chase losses and less likely to make irrational decisions after a loss.

Use the fixed odds to help you decide how much you are going to spend on each game. Try not to think of it in terms of how much you may win because that is the way losers think. Think of it in terms of investing. Your aim is to come out of the day with more money than you started with. In an ideal world, you will hope and desire a large win, but that type of thinking will not get you anywhere. Your aim is to come out with more money than you went in with, and a good budget-betting plan can help you achieve that goal.

You do not have to make your budget overly complex. Simply divide your bets into risky and relatively safe bets. Invest a good portion of your money into safer and conservative bets, and place lower amounts on risky bets. You may not walk away with a fortune, but if each of your sessions results in a profit rather than a loss, then you are well on your way to becoming a professional gambler.

You Need To Make Your Betting System Concise

This seems like terrible advice because a complex and highly detailed betting strategy will help ensure you win more often. However, most people do not have the time to understand and maintain a highly complex betting strategy.

You need to narrow down the deciding factors a little. If you are setting up your betting system, you may wish to include every single factor that may apply, from the condition of the pitch to the love lives of the star players, but the fact is you will have a lot of trouble maintaining your records if you take this route. Unless you are only concentrating on one team, you will struggle to both gather the information and interpret it correctly.

Pick a few defining factors/elements that you think apply and then test them repeatedly. If you find that one factor is not pulling its weight, such as if you cannot find any trends in winners/losers with regards to the time of day the game is played, then lose that factor and consider something else, such as the distance the teams had to travel to get to the game.

Eliminate Games Where Your Betting System May Not Apply

Let’s say, for example, that your betting system was created by following six different teams. You may now have a wealth of information on the teams that allows you to make some very interesting and profitable bets. Your betting system should only be applied when dealing with those teams. If you feel like trying your system with other teams, then do so with extreme caution. The reason many betting systems fail is because they try to spread themselves too thin and apply themselves in places where they do not belong.

Also, eliminate games and matches that you find uninteresting, or where you cannot decide which team to bet on. One of the benefits of planning your wagers in advance is the fact that you are not in the moment, so you are less compelled to make impulse bets on teams that you have little knowledge about. You can be cold and clinical when planning your wagers in advance, which means you may remove many matches from consideration.

Be Very Careful About Changing Your Mind On The Day

The bookies and a great many marketing professionals are going to spend a lot of time helping you decide which teams to bet on. When you apply your betting system in advance and you plan your bets, you are not as likely to be manipulated by PR and/or marketing. If you change your bets closer to the match, then double check that you are doing it for the right reason and not because you have been manipulated.

For example, if you factored a player into your bets and now that player is injured, then changing your bets and altering your analysis and evaluation may be fair. However, if you are changing your bets because the public is betting one way and it is undermining your confidence in your own judgment, then stick to your guns and bet the way you were going to. If it turns out you were wrong, then alter and improve your betting system. Do not be swayed by public opinion because they only know as much as you do.

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