Remember that the rules seem to vary a little when it comes to rugby, so make sure you are up to date with the most recent rules. For example, some games give a bonus point for having four tries in a single game. Otherwise, as a rugby aficionado, you should be able to accurately judge which teams are going to struggle and which are going to do well. It is easier for rugby fans to pick winners than it is for soccer fans to pick winners.

Handicap Betting Is Sometimes A Must In Rugby

There are some very one-sided matches in rugby, which is why rugby enthusiasts are often able to consistently choose which teams will do well and which will struggle. The perceived and actual quality gap between the teams makes handicapping essential. It means your short odds are lengthened a little to make for a more interesting and profitable bet. That is why handicap betting is so popular for rugby punters.

Use The Team’s Current And Historical Form

When betting on soccer, a professional gambler will often wait until near the middle of the season before he or she starts using his or her betting system. This is because a professional gambler will have to watch and monitor the teams as they play to see how well they are doing and to check that they are acting as his or her betting model suggests/predicts (otherwise the professional gambler has to alter his or her system to accommodate).

This is not such a big problem for professional gamblers that place wagers on rugby. A savvy punter will watch the form of the teams as they play to get a view of their current skill and capacity, but they are also able to look over their historical form and gain just as much of an insight. The reasons for this are varied and yet subsequently inconsequential.

Use historical data to your further advantage by checking where the teams tend to lose. This is a very important point to consider. You will find plenty of examples of superior teams losing against a certain other team at a certain location, and you will see examples of them doing this consistently. There are many times when superior teams lose against others simply because of where and when the games are played. This sort of information can be drawn from historical data and form.

Also, keep a check on how the teams did against other teams with certain managers. A professional gambler will tell you that there are some managers that simply cannot win against other teams. They may have a great international team, but simply cannot win against another team for whatever reason.

None of the information you find, be it current or historical, will give you any guarantees, but it will give you a strong indication as to where you should stake your money, and you would be a fool to ignore it. Rugby is a game where the people that do their homework are the people that win more money.

Try A First-Try Scorer Bet

In rugby, you will find that wingers tend to score a try more often than any other position. Sometimes you can get a reasonable return by betting on a winger to score the first try. It depends on the team and the players, so if you want a better shot at winning, then go over the historical data with regards to the wingers in the up and coming match and see how often they score the first try. It will drastically improve your chances of winning.

Any Time Try Scorer

If you are going to place this bet, then place it on a forward. They can bounce around the field doing all sorts of jobs, but there are many times when they peel off and drive forwards to score. It is so common that an any-time-try-scorer bet on a forward is often a good bet. This is especially true if you secure the wager at long odds, which they sometimes are. You will often see the forwards start to score later in the game, so do not withdraw your bet if you are watching and start getting worried.

Consider The Styles Of Play

Rugby is not like baseball, so you cannot study the stats and somehow predict how the game will end, but you can study the styles of play and come up with a few winning bets. It is not uncommon for rugby enthusiasts to talk about styles of play and how they may affect the game. You simply need to apply that knowledge to the game. Some teams seem to lose (almost religiously) to other teams that are seemingly evenly matched, and many times it happens because the teams have very different styles of play and one becomes weaker when it tries to adapt to compensate for the advantage the other has.

An Alternative To Your Betting System

Try a variety of different tipsters. Do not pay for their advice because that will be a waste of money. Simply find free ones online and monitor their results. If you find a good one that seems to offer consistent results, then I suggest that you do not set up your own betting system. Instead, I suggest that you use the advice of the tipsters allied with your own common sense and knowledge about the game.

Do not place bets as you are looking for a tipster. Instead, make a note of what the tipster suggests and see if his or her tips were correct. When you find one that is correct around 70% or more of the time, then you may start placing real-money bets on that tipster’s advice.

The reason why you should use a reliable tipster, if you can find one, is because it is possible to get the answer right more than 50% of the time if you do the research. If you check into the stats and watch the games to put the stats in context, then you can often predict how a match is going to go. Why bother doing all the research and homework if you can find a tipster to do it for you for free. If you do find a tipster, you can concentrate your efforts on how much you should spend, how quickly you will build your wealth, what risk dampening measures you will take, how you will recoup your losses, and what proportion of your winnings you will re-invest.

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