One assumes that people using mobile betting are doing so without research and/or consideration. Some people assume that mobile betting is used for impulsive bets or for live-in play bets. This is usually the case, but that is not always a bad thing. Making quick bets without deep consideration and/or prior research is a little silly, but it can yield a few good learning experiences.

One way you may learn from impulse betting via mobile betting is to concentrate on a single aspect of a game. In this article, that single aspect is the strikers. Normally, if you were planning and researching your bets, you may look at the stats, you may consider the weather, the stadium, the location, what they are playing for, the line-up and the formation. However, when you make mobile betting impulse bets, you can learn from concentrating on a single element. The strikers are one of those elements. It is as simple as looking at the strikers present on both teams, considering which are the best, and then placing a bet based on your conclusion.

What can you learn from this? You may learn just how important strikers are. They cannot win a game on their own, but they can certainly carry a team, and they can definitely have a lucky streak where their efforts on the pitch are invaluable. So, what should you consider when judging the strikers in both teams?

Watch To See How Often They Get Into Space

When they receive the ball, how often are they in space and how often are they shoulder to shoulder with another player? Just because a player is in space doesn’t guarantee a good run or a goal, but it does add an unpredictable edge that they may unexpectedly turn into a game advantage.

How Expensive Was The Striker?

If you wish, you can judge a team by the price of their strikers. Nip onto the Internet to see how much the teams paid for the strikers on the pitch, and then bet on the team that paid the most for their strikers. It is a clinical and cold way of doing things, but if you record your results and add this information into your betting strategy at a later date, you may see what impact the cost of the strikers has on the team’s performance. Also, remember that how expensive a player was may not apply if the player has just returned from an injury. Even very expensive players may play conservatively for fear of aggravating their injury.

How Often Does The Striker Pass The Ball?

Is the striker a ball hog? If so, is it because he is turning it into an opportunity? If he is failing to turn it into an opportunity, then just how valuable is that striker? He may do well to get onto the ball, but if the defence has him covered and he isn’t passing, then he is not opening them up and he is denying the team some good chances.

How Often Does The Striker Make Wasteful Shots?

This is a tricky element to consider because there are some strikers that make seemingly impossible shots and still manage to get them in the net. However, consider how many wasteful shots the striker is making. It is annoying when mid-fielders take a shot two thirds of the way down the pitch when they could have passed to a striker. It is even more annoying when the striker wastes shots that could have become good opportunities.

How Are The Strikers Taking Advantage Of Corners?

During the usual scramble for the ball, it usually hangs around near the goal as one team struggles to clear whilst the other struggles for possession. If the striker has a habit of getting possession and taking a shot on target, then even if they do not go in, you should consider this when recording your results. In this case, when that striker is playing a team that (statistically) gives away more corners than the average team, you can use what you know about the striker to help you make a more successful bet.

How Far Away Is The Striker When He Makes His Run?

Only in school and college soccer do you see strikers take it from the half way line all the way to the box to finish. In professional games, you need to study how far away the striker is from the goal before making a run. Does he pass the ball if he is not close enough? How close does he have to be before starting a run? Players that need to be close before making a run are more likely to beat a tight defence, though they are more at risk of being offside.

How Much Experience Do The Strikers Have?

This is a tough question to answer. In most professional games, the strikers have had lots of experience. However, there are many times when fresh faced 19-year olds become experienced overnight and turn into soccer sensations. Still, unless there is a prodigy playing in the game, it is often wiser to opt for the team with the older/more experienced strikers. More experienced players tend to waste fewer shots and will often time their shots better.

How Afraid Of The Striker Are The Opposing Team?

If you have never watched soccer, then this statement will mean nothing to you. However, if you have ever watched a truly phenomenal striker, you will have watched games where as many as three defenders are covering them. Even the goalkeeper makes conservative free kicks and goal kicks for fear the striker will run at them.

Watch For The Striker’s Favourite Area

They often have an area of the pitch from which they prefer to take their shots. The opposing team may also recognize this trait and place some of their best defenders in that area. If you notice that a striker has a favourite area, check the status and quality of the defenders and players that congregate in that area when you stake bets in the future.

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