What is a paper wager and app wager? This article discusses the pros and cons of two types of wager, the ones you take to the bookies in real life and bets placed with betting apps. Betting apps are a simple way of interacting with online bookies without using a web browser. Betting apps will often come with other functions that gambling websites are unable to offer or render on mobile device’s web browsers.

A Paper Wager That You Take To The Bookies

This is a bet that you write out, take to a bookie and hand over. Some people still prefer them because it is more difficult to lose a fortune.

Pro - It forces you to plan your bets a little better

Knowing that your bets require travelling is often enough reason for you to plan your bets in advance and take more time over them. The last thing you want to do is make numerous trips because you missed something.

Pro - It is harder to waste a fortune and lose bigger

It is very easy to chase your losses when you do it online, and apps are built to make the process even easier. It requires more effort to chase your losses with a traditional bookie.

Pro - Picking up your winnings is fun

It feels a lot more satisfying being handed a bunch of notes over a counter than it is seeing your balance jump up a little via an app.

Con - It is less convenient when making up your betting slip

Online betting apps allow you to click a few buttons and your bet is placed, whereas paper wagers require writing out your bets, which is less convenient compared to betting apps.

Con - Picking up your winnings is time consuming

Some people want their winnings right here and now, and if you are one of those people, then picking up your winnings at the bookies is not appealing.

Con - You can only bet and collect when the bookies is open

Knowing you are owed money that you cannot pick up yet can be a little frustrating, but apps often make you wait before pushing through your withdrawals, so it is not much of a downside when compared with apps.

Using Betting Apps For Online Gambling

These are often apps that are produced by online bookies and they allow you to place real-money bets from your Windows computer, your Smartphone or your tablet device.

Pro - It is easier to place in-play bets

Just like online gambling, if you want to place an in-play bet, it is far easier because you do not have to physically be inside a bookies to place it.

Pro - You can monitor the odds and bet at the right time

With an app, you can watch a game play out and monitor the odds. When they are in your favour, you may place your bet for the highest return on your investment

Pro - It is quicker and you can use it even when the traditional bookies are closed

Betting apps allow you to place bets more quickly. Even if you are stood in the bookies, it will take you time to place your bets because you have to write them out. With betting apps, you can make and place your bets in under a minute.

Con - It is easier to spend more than you wish

When you hand money over a counter, it feels more real than when you have credit on an app. Betting apps sometimes feel a little more like computer games, which can mislead you into taking bigger and dumber risks.

Con - Some apps can make gambling more difficult

Some have difficult navigation systems, choppy servers, and poor coding that actually makes placing your bet more difficult. There is nothing more annoying than placing a bet and waiting ten minutes whilst the screen freezes (only to find that your bet wasn’t placed).

Con - Some do not offer the betting options you desire

There are many times when apps are trimmed down to the point where many of the betting options you desire are not listed. For example, you may think that a certain player will make a 147 score on a certain snooker match, and yet your app may not allow you to place such a bet on the match you are looking at.

Handy Betting Tips

Here are a few betting tips for people who decide to use online gambling websites and betting apps. These are the sorts of things you learn after years of using betting and gambling apps.

Not all bonuses are your friend, such as bonuses that ask you to deposit a certain amount for online slots in order to get free credits, but they make you spend your own money in the online slots before you are able to use the free credits.

Most offers are just ways of getting you into a gambling loss/win cycle where you are compelled to try to chase a loss or win more. The best offers are ones that apply to the bets you were going to make anyway--with the exception of qualification-free/deposit-free free credit.

Visit different online bookies and take advantage of their sign-up bonus to the fullest extent, which usually means putting in as much money as the offer allows. You may even find a betting website or app that helps you become a more effective gambler.

Tried all the online bookies and had your sign-up bonus? Sign up in other people’s names such as your partner (with his or her permission) and take advantage of the sign-up bonuses again.

Cancel your account with a bookie and leave it a few months to see if they offer you any new sign-up bonuses. There are many times when they will continue to email you offers and app download links that are tied with free credit and promotions.

Use an online bookie for a month or two on a regular basis and then switch to another site. Usually within 14-days, the old bookie starts sending you offers and free credits to try to bring you back.

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