Why is it the easiest way to make money with online betting? The reason is that boxing is a sport with so much hype that the favourite only wins 50% of the time. That is not to say that every match is a coin-toss yes or no for which fighter is going to win, it just means that the favourite wins as often as he loses.

The hype and media attention is the reason why so many false favourites are created within the world of boxing. Boxing is now a niche sport, but each country has its own champions and they get a fair amount of online and media coverage, including appearances on web and terrestrial TV shows appearing as celebrities. People bet on them on mass without any form of fighting knowledge, and it affects the odds to the point of creating false favourites or longer-odds favourites.

The bookies have to change and alter the odds for the fight simply because of the way so many punters have bet. The bookies may be well aware that the one that is going to win is not the favourite, but if they alter the odds and make it the favourite, then they stand to lose a lot of money.

Why Is It So Easy To Make Money?

With just a smattering of knowledge, you can guess which fighter is the most likely to win and place a bet on him. If the potential winner is not the favourite, which happens fairly often thanks to the hype and publicity of fights and due to the weight of uniformed people betting on them, then you can place a very valuable bet.

What’s more, there is very little to consider. Is fighter one going to win or fighter two? You can put on other bets, such as if they will go the distance and in what round it will end, but if you wish, you can make a simple choice for which fighter will win and place your bet.

Even if there isn’t a false favourite for you to bet on, even if the favourite is the one you think will win, the hype and masses of uninformed punters will sometimes help create longer-odds favourites, which still works in your favour for picking a valuable winner.

Do Not Overestimate A Fighter’s Current Form

Just because a fighter has won a few matches recently doesn’t mean he or she is going to win this match, and yet thousands of punters see a winning streak and think it will last forever. It is a form of blind counter-intuition. When a fighter has a winning streak, it really means he is overdue for a beating, but when punters see a fighter on a winning streak, they assume there is more chance the fighter will win the next bout.

It is a form of counter intuition that existed in the olden days when a volcano would go quite for a while so people would become more relaxed thinking that it had never been safer, when in fact the volcano was becoming more and more overdue for a massive explosion.

Find The Winner And Then Consider The Odds

If you are smart, you will ignore the odds the bookies are giving when you start your research. The odds they give will bias your research, and as mentioned previously in this article, the odds the bookies give are often meaningless thanks to the weight of public support for some fighters.

Work hard on doing your research whilst trying to remain as neutral as possible. Yes, you are going to have a preconceived idea about the fighters and you are going to read things about them online, but try to keep an open mind. Even when you are trying to remain unbiased, and you still find yourself attracted to the favourite, trying to remain unbiased may help temper how much you bet on the fighter.

The Best Research Is To Watch Them Fight

It is worth paying to see the two fighter’s most recent bouts. You do not have to be a boxing expert to see how the boxers fight and how they may react when they are in the ring. In addition, watching their previous fights should be rather entertaining if you do not know the results already.

Watch the boxers fight with other opponents and take notes. Once you have seen a few fights, use your notes to figure out which fighter will stand the best chance of winning.

If you fancy yourself as a bit of an expert, then you can make further bets based on your findings. For example, if you see that one of the fighters likes to come in hard at the beginning and loses steam at the end, you may like to place a wager on the fight finishing sooner rather than later. If you see that one fighter has a long jab, you may like to bet on them going the distance and have the long jabber win on points.

The Most Difficult Part About Choosing A Winner

As mentioned earlier, betting online on boxing is probably the easiest sport to bet on and the easiest to make money on. However, there is one pickle that may ruin your picnic egg salad, and that vinegary pickle is the judges.

The lighter the weight divisions seem to see fewer knockouts, which means more uneasy points decisions. Many times the decision is simple, but there are times when fighters are closely matched and it is up to the judges to pick the winner. The judges are quite easily able to get it wrong due to their bias, and it can be annoying to watch your fighter beat the other, only to have the judges say you are wrong.

Championship bouts seem to have a higher number judges decisions that are close and where the winner of the bout is not obvious. This is probably because the fighters in championship bouts are a little better matched than they are with non-championship bouts. Remember that when a fight is close, the judges have to make a quick decision, and many times their bias will manipulate their memory of the events, which means you may have to factor in judge bias when making bets on fighters that seem evenly matched.

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