There are some sports where one team, one horse, one racer or one person dominates. They do not just over perform, they excel and leave others wallowing in their dust. Times when they lose become more of a shock than the records they break. When they appear in the sporting arena, what should you do? What do professional gamblers do?

Forget Betting When An Over-Achiever Is Playing

People that have their own systems and their own statistical models will often not count matches and races where overachievers play. They consider them an anomaly, and in many cases, their inclusion results in skewered results that affect the accuracy (consistency) of their models a betting techniques.

By all means, you may place a bet on an over-achiever. You are likely to make some money, but it is unlikely to be a lot due to short odds. However, you should add the results of such games/races/matches into your database and/or your gambling/statistical model.

Place A Bet On An Over-Achiever

The most common option is to put a lot of money on the over-achiever. They win with such consistency that there are plenty of opportunities for you to win. The only problem is that you have to put a lot of money on them in order to win a reasonable amount back. Putting on hundreds of Euros may only earn you tens of Euros.

People justify risking thousands on over-achievers for two reasons. The first is because if the bet is a cert, then betting on it is nothing short of free money and the returns are still higher than if you risk the money in a savings account. The second reason is because a bet on any other prospect within the game/match/race is wasted money. The third option is not to bet at all, but that is hardly the way of a sports betting expert.

Make Handsome Each-way Bets

Just because your selection will not win doesn’t mean you are going to lose. Take horseracing bets, the second most popular bet worldwide after soccer bets, and consider when a big hitter is running. The odds for the favourite become incredibly short and the odds for the other horses lengthen considerably.

In such races, a horse that may usually be a 12-1 may jump as long as 66-1. You can make many a few clever each-way bets and hope your horse will place. What’s more, there are also a few 100-1 runners in these races, on which it may be worth putting on each-way bets at just ten eurocents.

Bet On The Factors That Over-Achievers Influence

The best examples lie in the world of snooker. A top score of 147 interest fairly rare, which is why you can often make a bet for a 147 score for games at odds of 500-1 and 400-1. However, there have been a minority of overachievers play snooker and bring those odds down. There are times, when certain players play, when the odds of a 147 fall as low as 80-1.

A smooth sports betting expert will risk a Euro on such a bet--and it’s not a bad idea. The gambler would have to lose 81 bets in a row in order to lose, and even though a 147 score is unlikely, there are some over-achieving snooker players that seem to get them consistently.

This example only applies to snooker, but there are plenty of other sports where over-achievers affect factors where you may win more from your bets.

Add Them Into Your Accumulator Bets

There are many gamblers that do not bother to bet on hot favourites because the returns are so low and because they still manage to lose with a frightening frequency. Many punters, even novice gamblers, put favourites into their accumulator bets. They often win more than they bet, and it can be exciting to see the favourites win one by one and see the amount they win climb and climb as the day goes by.

Do Not Bet Against Them

The over-achievers have a habit of surprising people, which is why it is never a good idea to bet against them or to place lay bets on them. As a long-term strategy, betting against over-achievers has to be the dumbest thing a gambler can do short of playing the national lottery.

Take Note Of The Ones That Shall Replace Them

Over-achieving spots heroes are often young when they are spotted by the media and their skill is sensationalized. However, this is not always the case. The most obvious examples are often sports that are not played in college and university, such as golf, darts, snooker, etc.

Even whilst the top players, teams, and racers are reigning supreme, there are still others waiting in the wings to overtake them. If you notice their potential early, you can take advantage of their skills and their uncanny ability to win unlikely matches/races whilst their odds are still long. This is one of the best reasons why you should bet on new and untested horses that belong to stables with a good reputation for winning.

Take Your Chances On The Horses With Highly Tipped Favourites

When it comes to horseracing, there are often a few over-performing and over-achieving horses, but they are often very popular and get a fair amount of media coverage. If you want to make a bit of money regularly, then you need to look for those horses that sparkle but do not wow people.

The take your chances with a few clever accumulator bets and you can improve your chances of winning every day. By the end of the week, you have to be very unlucky to have lost money unless you have very poor tipsters on your side.

All you do is pick six to eight of the most highly tipped horses of the day. Put them on a betting slip and make treble bets at ten eurocents per bet. If you have eight on your betting slip, then it should cost you five Euros and sixty eurocents because it is 56 bets in total.

Every day you will get three or more winners, which means that most days you will get something back, and some days you will get more back than you spend. You will not make millions gambling this way, but it is one way of taking advantage of favourites and top performers.

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