The first part of this article helps you become a better gambler by pointing out the elements of your betting style that are flawed. The second part of this article explains why soccer betting offers the lowest risk as a consequence of what you learnt in the first half of the article. Some of the elements mentioned in relation to soccer will exist in other sports, but this article contends that soccer offers the most favourable conditions for punters to triumph over the bookies without having to spend thousands to do so.

Low Risks “IF” Your Natural Compulsions Are Removed

In other words, if you were a robot that was able to pick soccer bets like a human, but that had the gambling habits of a robot (i.e. logical, clinical, unemotional), then betting on soccer would have a substantially lower risk than most other types of gambling.

            The team you pick is not the issue

The team on which you place your stake is not the issue. It would be the issue if you were betting on something such as the horses, where a person can lose every time for an entire year because he kept backing 66-1 shots, but with soccer, it is not as much of an issue. Consequently, put a lot of thought into the team you pick, but pay less attention to the odds and to tipsters.

            Understand that you do not have control over the outcome       

Many gamblers believe they can predict the future because it gives them an illusion of control over what is essentially a game of chance. It also leads gamblers to believe they can exert some sort of skill over their games of chance, such as table players believing they can influence the dice, or hockey gamblers carrying a lucky item with them. Lose any notion that you can exert skill, never attempt to predict the future, and forget your lucky items.

            Negativity makes you gamble more frequently

People that are typically stressed or feeling negative will typically take more risks, which is why they are often led towards gambling. Many people claim their motivation for gambling is to relieve stress or a negative mood, but these compulsions increase your risk of loss. Betting should be a clinical and unemotional affair.

            Humans will chase a loss

One of the biggest reasons a robot would be a better gambler than a human is because humans will chase a loss. Humans will bet more and take bigger risks in order to regain what they have lost. The compulsion is actually based on the need to “fix” what is broken, but it often results in more gambling, larger bets, bigger risks and weightier losses.

Choose Like A Human, But Play Like A Robot

Again, soccer betting only offers a low risk if you choose your selections carefully, and then you gamble with a dry, clinical and unemotional mindset, which includes shedding the compulsions you read about above.

Playing like a robot doesn’t mean setting up a betting system because you still need to pick your bets like a human. Here is what information tipsters use to make their picks. Try using some of their information sources.

The Soccer Specifics That Make It Low Risk

Here are the elements in soccer that make it particularly low risk. These elements exist in other sports too, but in professional soccer they exist in a way that most favours the punter.

            High variables

There are a lot of things that can go wrong during a game, and each game lasts over 90 minutes, and things may go wrong at any time. A player may slip over in the changing room at half time. Players may be bribed, it may start raining, the keeper may sprain a wrist, and the referee may make a poor decision. There are so many things that may change before, during and after the game that you cannot be sure of anything. This is not the case with many other sports.

            Lots of variation

The premise of soccer is fairly standard, but the way it is played may differ wildly, which is why tactics and choosing the right team is important. Compare this to something such as baseball or snooker, and you can see how varied soccer is. A baseball player is not going to hit the ball with the back of his bat in the same way a snooker player is not going to make a shot using his toe as a rest. On the other hand, today a soccer defender may decide his shoulders are going to do the talking, and a centre forward may feel in a sliding tackle mood.

            Limited number of results

The basic premise is win, lose or draw. Play a greyhound race and you have to pick between six, play a horse or car race and you pick from many.

            Changeable odds throughout the match

If you watch the matches in real time and pick your moments, you can increase your earnings by placing smaller bets (smaller meaning low risk), and you can place them at times when the odds are in your favour. Pick your moment and your smaller bets may yield a fortune.

            Fewer win/lose elements

This one is a tough one to explain, but think of it this way. If the score line is 1-0 and you have put your stake on the losing team, only two more goals need to be scored before you are winning again. Now, consider a game of basketball where the score is 3-0. A further 4 points must be accumulated. There is also less variation in goals scored when it comes to soccer. For example, when is the last time you saw a 10-0 in professional soccer? Soccer has fewer win and lose elements, meaning you stand a slightly better chance of winning. In short, it works in your favour because there are few goals scored allied with changeable odds throughout the game.

Bookies Get It Wrong

One of the great reasons why betting on soccer offers a lower risk is because bookies often get it wrong. Bookies are pretty good at getting it right when it comes to gambling, but on things like soccer and American football, they have a tougher time setting the correct odds for winners and losers. That is also one of the reasons why bookies vary their odds so often from one bookie to the next.

When it comes to gambling on soccer, you may be lucky and pick a winner, and you may also be lucky and get odds that suit you rather than the bookie. To highlight this point, here is a graphic showing how right and wrong the bookies got in during the UEFA European Soccer Championships.

As A Side Note

Stop believing articles that tell you to play certain games in order to get free bets so that you may “Clean up the bookies.”  Please consider how dumb it is to pay money to make bets so that you may earn free bets.

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